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Cosmedico - just perfect UV lamps

Cosmedico lamps are not only UV-A and UV-B. With over 40 years of experience, Cosmedico develops lamps that can do much more than just tan. Cosmedico lamps provide excellent tanning effects and measurable biopositive benefits – well-being during and after the tanning session.

As an official Cosmedico dealer, we do everything to promote excellent tanning quality to our customers.



Cosmedico is the premium brand among the tanning lamps of JW Sales GmbH. JW Sales GmbH is part of JW Holding GmbH based in Stuttgart and distributes tanning lamps worldwide. JW Holding GmbH is a successfully operating  international group…



Cosmedico RUBINO has the perfectly balanced spectrum of effects of UV and red light for smooth skin and a beautiful tan. Its red light spectrum increases the UV-compatibility and thus also the feel-good factor during the application.



All Cosmedico UV low pressure lamps are manufactured at our own production plant NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG in Germany. We also manufacture UV high pressure lamps in Germany, e.g. at NARVA G.L.E. 

It’s all down to the spectrum.

The right spectrum for a tanning lamp is what offers safety. It ensures excellent tanning results and well-being. Cosmedico’s experience creates trust.


Cosmedico is the successful brand in tanning business with worldwide recognition. High-quality products, qualified staff and competent sales consultants characterize Cosmedico.
When you choose Cosmedico you get:

  • premium lamp quality from Germany
  • best materials and components
  • worldwide availability
  • more than 40 years experience
  • one-stop shop