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The Company

Cosmedico is the premium brand among the tanning lamps of JW Sales GmbH. JW Sales GmbH is part of JW Holding GmbH based in Stuttgart and distributes tanning lamps worldwide. JW Holding GmbH is a successfully operating  international group of companies which has been in business for over 40 years. The group focuses on the production and trade of light sources for cosmetic, medical and technical applications. The group employs approximately 270 staff members worldwide and supplies customers in 60 countries. Today the annual turnover of JW Holding amounts to approx. 60 million Euro.


What was the trigger for Friedrich Wolff in 1975 to invent the solarium? When was the successful Cosmedico 10K100® lamp series launched? What is the story behind the name COSMOLUX? Our company history provides interesting background information.


Our premium tanning lamps are made from high quality materials only. The quality label Made in Germany guarantees the high end standard of Cosmedico lamps and is the basis for your sustainable success.

FAQ Tanning

We bring light into the darkness on the topic of tanning: How much sun do you need? How does the skin tan and what about the sun hormone vitamin D? And what about….? You will find answers in this section!