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Welcome to the world of premium colour lamps.

The red Cosmedico lamps from the COLYOUR series combine three advantages:

  • great tanning results: UVA 45% higher than in standard color lamps
  • beneficial effect on the body: they help to rebuild cells
  • better well-being: stimulate action

The COLYOUR series is an alternative to colored lamps from other manufacturers, offering significantly better tanning results. It is enough to compare the technical parameters to find out about the advantages of the COLYOUR series. The series consists of four colors of lamps that can be freely configured depending on the desired effect.

Colored UV lamps, apart from the fact that they tan very well, have a positive effect on our body and well-being, they also look great and emphasize the nature of the solarium. COLYOUR is a ready idea for a novelty in your living room.

LampPower (W)Length (mm)ElectrodeReflectorUVA Irrad (W/m²)UVA Flux (W)UVB/ UVA (%)UV-CodeVitta. effectLifetime (h)Art.-Nr.
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R31 100W1001760S22300,7100-R-31/2.9*80032282
Cosmolux COLYOUR YELLOW R36 100W1001760S15221,3100-r-36/4.7*80032284
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R37 100W1001760S15,7231,3100-R-37/4.5*80032283
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R30 100W1001760S18,5270,8100-R-30/3.4*80032285
Cosmofit+ COLYOUR BLUE R30 160W1601760S27370,5160-R-30/1.5*80032286
Cosmofit+ COLYOUR YELLOW R30 160W1601760S18250,9160-R-30/2.7*80032288
Cosmofit+ COLYOUR GREEN R33 160W1601760S20280,9160-R-33/2.6*80032287
Cosmofit+ COLYOUR RED R30 160W1601760S24330,5160-R-30/1.7*80032289
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R40 160W1601760S27370,7160-R-40/2.2**100032290
Cosmolux COLYOUR YELLOW R42 160W1601760S17231,5160-R-42/4.1**100032292
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R46 160W1601760S18,5251,3160-R-46/3.9**80032291
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R40 160W1601760S24,5340,9160-R-40/2.5**80032293
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R55 160W1601760S27,5380,9160-R-55/3.3**80032294
Cosmolux COLYOUR YELLOW R59 160W 1601760S19261,7160-R-59/5.6**80032296
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R59 160W1601760S20281,5160-R-59/4.8**80032295
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R55 160W1601760S24,5341,0160-R-55/3.9**80032297
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R42 180W 1.9M1801900S26,5390,8180-R-42/2.2**80032300
Cosmolux COLYOUR YELLOW R43 180W 1.9M1801900S17271,6180-R-43/4.3**80032302
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R48 180W 1.9M1801900S18291,5180-R-48/4.3**80032301
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R42 180W 1.9M1801900S23371,0180-R-42/2.9**80032303
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R40 180W 2M1801900S26,5420,8180-R-40/2.3**80032304
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R40 180W 2M1802000S16281,6180-R-40/4.1**80032306
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R46 180W 2M1802000S18301,5180-R-46/4.0**80032305
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R41 180W 2M1802000S24381,0180-R-41/2.6**80032307
Cosmolux COLYOUR BLUE R52 180W 2M1802000S27,5430,9180-R-52/3.3**80032308
Cosmolux COLYOUR YELLOW R59 180W 2M1802000S18,2301,8180-R-59/6.0**80032310
Cosmolux COLYOUR GREEN R53 180W 2M1802000S18,8311,5180-R-53/4.6**80032309
Cosmolux COLYOUR RED R56 180W 2M1802000S24401,1180-R-56/4.0**80032311

*) – elektrode design: S – short, L – long
**) – vitamize effect:    * good,  ** intense,  ***maximum