Cosmedico Wild Wave

Cosmedico WILD WAVE tanning lamps feature an impressive wave design. They are available in two different versions: WILD WAVEBLUE and WILD WAVERED. Both lamp series give your tanning device an exceptional appearance and your customers an attractive tanning result along with additional positive effects for body and mind.

DescriptionWattage (W)Length (mm)SM / LMReflec-torUVA Irrad. (W/m²)UVA Flux (W)UVB/ UVA %UV-CodeVita-mize effectUseful life (hrs)Ordering code
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE BLUE 33 250 1.8M1601760SM*20270.9160-R-33/2,6*80030894
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE BLUE 35 250 2.0M1802000LM*24380.9180-R-35/2,6*100030892
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE RED 27 100W1001760SM*19250.9100-R-27/2,9**80031314
Cosmofit+ Wild Wave RED 31 250 1.8M1601760SM*24330.7160-R-31/2,2*80030895
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE RED 33 250 1.9M1801900SM*23360.8180-R-33/2,3*80030896
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE RED 34 120 2.0M1202000SM*19321.2120-R-34/3,3***80031146
Cosmofit+ WILD WAVE RED 36 250 2.0M1802000LM*28450.7180-R-36/2,4*100030898
Cosmolux WILD WAVE VHR RED 225-250 1.8M1601760LM*29412.1160-R-108/6,3*100031042
Cosmolux WILD WAVE VHR RED 250 2.0M1802000LM*28452180-R-106/6,2*100031043

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